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Something Completely Different

confessions of a not so teenaged drama-princess

the amazing kitty witch
4 November 1979
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30ish, way too many damn cats. I am now a professional geek (aka an assistant librarian) and I couldn't be happier. I am also a comic book geek/movie freak extroardinaire.

al pacino, anti-weetzie bat, arrested developement, art, astrology, audrey hepburn, autumn, b:tvs, back to the future, batgirl, batman, bend it like beckham, black, breakfast at tiffany's, brighid, brooke davis, buffy, buffy the vampire slayer, c.s.i., candy, cats, chaos theory, cillian murphy, classic films, classic movies, clerks, coffee, comic books, crimson, dc comics, dharma and greg, dogs, dragons, drive-ins, drusilla, dvds, eliza dushku, faeries, faith, fantasy, folklore, get fuzzy, godfather, golf, gothic, greek mythology, hair metal, halloween, harleyquinn, harold and kumar, harry potter, hello kitty, herbal medicine, hermes, history, horror, house, interracial, ipod, jack off jill, john hughes movies, joss whedon, juvenile literature, kevin smith, librarian, libraries, lilo and stitch, lost, lotr, magic, meditation, michigan, milla jovovitch, molly ringwald, monty python, morpheus, morrigan, movies, music, mythology, narnia, nathan scott, natural healing, nazareth, occult, occulture, oil painting, ojibway, one tree hill, pagan, paganism, painting, paranormal, parseltongue, persephone, peyton sawyer, photography, piercings, playstation, poison, politics, project runway, purple, quentin tarintino, reading, religion, remus lupin, resevior dogs, rocky, roman holiday, ronald reagan, runes, sailing, sean hannity, secretary, shiny objects, sirius black, sixteen candles, soccer, spells, spike, spirituality, star wars, stephen king, supernatural, tarantino, tarot, tattoos, teen books, tennis, the beatles, the breakfast club, the cubs, the doors, tim gunn, true romance, urban decay makeup, vampires, video games, watercolour, weasley, weird science, witchcraft, wonder girl, ya books, yoga, zombies